wbb whilst tidying the garage I found this! It will need a good clean and polish and maybe some new tyres. 

wbb my new cat (below) in my new book (above).
wbb My new cat. More available from  http://wwwcaramel-shop.co.uk £13.00 and nicely wrapped.

wbb Here is an excellent exhibition of little seen work by L S Lowryhttp://www.cranekalman.com/exhibition/lowry-estate - well worth a visit.

wbb  Two unusual picture books from Paris. Fantastically self indulgent but rather beautiful. 

wbb Spent a fruitful afternoon at Walkers Books with the picture book team. We are hopefully entering the last few months of the first of a series of books. In an earlier post - scroll down - I showed a few of the vehicles appearing in the fist book. Here is an odd little character we have just added ...

wbb The wonderful Kate Hindley has signed up with Walker Books to illustrate my latest picture book!
Entitled 'Worst in Show' it's all about a boy - Albert - and his pet monster - Sidney - and their sad and pathetic attempts to win
'The Best Pet Monster in the World Competition.'
Kate has already illustrated 'The Great Snortle Hunt' written by Claire Freedman - see above and here -
Here is her excellent Web site is: http://katehindley.com
wbb Found this very odd image whilst looking for something else. I cannot remember why or when I drew it. It has a certain Dr Seuss quality to it, I fancy.

wbb This is one of my favourite book shops. It is in Hitchin in Hertfordshire. It is very easy to spend hours browsing around. On a recent visit I purchased a small book on the Rainhill steam trials - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainhill_Trials and one all about English tea cups.
Here is the shops web site - http://www.erictmoore.co.uk/bookshop.asp

wbb The Austin Seven racer has been out of action for a little while now. My chief race mechanic reckons it's a software problem ... all we need now is a 1930's computer to diagnose it.

wbb Time for Summer hats!

wbb Here is my lovely 1968 Daimler 250 V8. I have decided to sell it, as it does not get used enough. Only those with heated garages need apply.

wbb I prefer to only buy things that are absolutely essential. Here are some absolutely essential recent purchases :

wwb All this rain is making my garden look very pretty.

wbb I visited the world famous Shuttleworth Collection of early aircraft recently, researching an idea for a book. The planes, especially the early ones and those from the first world war, are very beautiful. It is one of those nice old fashioned places staffed mainly by volunteers.

wbb A couple of pictures from the new book I am working on with Walker Books. A bit of a labour of love...

wbb I visited Carters Steam Fair recently in Battersea Park. The 'rides' are fantastic examples of English folk art. Take a look at their - excellent - website for where they will be next - http://www.carterssteamfair.co.uk/

wbb It feels like the perfect day for an elephant.

wbb I made this image to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was for an advertising agency, hence the product placement ...

wbb I saw these lovely rusty tractors at the South Suffolk Show. Most of the old tractors were in better condition than when they were new, so these two stood out.

This is a tractor too, but it has these 'tracks' like on a tank.

This old thresher is in fine working condition, and looks pretty in pink ...

and this old steam engine seems to have been modified - with all that piping and the radiator on the front. Beautiful!

wbb I am working on a follow up to 'and the train goes...' with my friends at Walker Books. This one is about a traffic jam, and should be in book shops next May.

wbb Bought these cardboard signs in Rye - 80p each. No idea what I am going to do with them ...

wbb This is a fantastic exhibition:
Johan Zoffany RA : Society Observed
Royal Academy until 10 June.

wbb Fine Bookshops number 1:
A and Y Cummings
84 High Street Lewes Sussex BN7 1XN England
tel : 01273 472319

wbb Visited 'Monks House' the Sussex home of Leonard and Virginia Woolf. The house is interesting - although only the ground floor is open to the public, but the garden is wonderful. Well worth walking around the village too, especially the Church yard - which backs onto Monks House.